Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Israeli strike against Iran nuclear plants takes a giant leap forward

Having announced an early election to take place in September, Israel's PM has suddenly announced a coalition government which cements his majority in the Knesset, and in my view substantially increases the probability of an Israeli strike against Iran within three months:

For hours, Israel's legislature, democracy's abode, turned, unwittingly and not to its favor, into a theater, a fa├žade. On the stage, the boys played the early-elections game, yapping and flapping, cursing and attacking, without even considering that behind the scenes Netanyahu, Mofaz, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and their confidents – Lior Horev for Mofaz, Nathan Eshel for Netanyahu – were patching together the unity cabinet of 2012-2013.

After getting over initial feelings of disgust and nausea, you have to admit that Netanyahu, again, taught us all a lesson. He is the number one politician, no doubt - by a mile. He bought Kadima, with its 28 MKs for a nothing, for two and a half coins, thus ensuring himself another 18 months in power, headed by a coalition of 94 MKs. No party can topple him. The new Netanyahu government is made of one hundred tons of solid concrete.
He's a wily one, he is.

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