Thursday, May 10, 2012

'Macho Man' Mulcair displaces Stephen 'The Warrior' Harper amongst men

The NDP's steady progress in acceptability is ongoing, and the Harper Conservatives must be wondering what on earth they can do to smear Thomas Mulcair and the socialist hordes.

Despite his years of posturing with his 'muscular foreign policy', poor little Stevie is being displaced as the number one choice of men, as the latest poll shows:

The NDP appear to have the support of 36 per cent of urban and suburban men, a number that has risen steadily since February.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are seeing their support in that demographic appear to hover around 29 per cent, down from close to 40 per cent four months ago.

As well, the New Democrats appear to have supplanted the Liberals as the natural party among women, said Allan Gregg, chairman of Harris Decima.

"Remember this is a party that a decade ago, half the electorate said they would "never" vote for," he said.

"To broaden their base as we see in these data is quite remarkable."

What a come down for Harper!
The Warrior versus Macho Man

We can expect a lot of sabre rattling from the Harper Government in order to polish their self-annointed credentials as The Tough Guys on the Block.

Unfortunately for them, Canadians expect their politicians to be honest in their dealings with Parliament, the watchdogs overseeing MPs, the media and especially with Canadians themselves. The evasions, half-truths and wilful unwillingness to honour Parliamentary traditions (such as answering questions in Question Period) are all coming home to roost.

The hubris is showing; and Canadians do not long tolerate such hubris on the part of their politicians unless those politicians are also exceptional people.

Exceptional is not a word one would use to describe the Harper MPs.

The latest 3 polls confirm the trend: come the next election, the chances are very high that Canada will have a new government to replace the old, tired and shopsoiled 'Harper Government': a coalition government of the NDP and Liberal Party.
About time, too!


  1. .....a coalition government of the NDP and Liberal Party.

    You're assuming wayyyyy too much. Why would the NDP even be interested in co-operating with the Liberals in a coalition arrangment when given how well the NDP have been doing with no indication of a slow down any time soon while the Liberals, who are WAY down EVERYWHERE, continue to wither? Why would the NDP even be interested in any arrangement when they are fast replacing the Liberals as the alternative while the Liberal Party is fading from existence?

    You better spend less time musing about what "the Harper Conservatives must be wondering", and start wondering if the Liberals even have a future at all.

  2. I'd wager that there are a lot of Tory supporters that think that losing power, when all political parties lose power eventually, is a small price to pay for the utter annihilation of the Liberal Party. And I'll tell you something else; people who are Tory supporters know that the Conservative Party won't be the governing party forever. But in the long run, it is better to be out of power and have a party at all as opposed to the abyss that looms before the Liberals. :D

  3. Michael, dream on. One in 5 voters still hang in there with the Liberal Party. Six in ten don't agree with the Conservative ideology or practice of politics.

    That means the system is broke.

    Come the next election, the first order of business is to restore democracy to Canada and remedy our demicratic deficits. The primary way to do that is change the electoral system to a modified proportional representation system (MPR).

    Once we have MPR, our whole system of governance changes from the divisive divide and conquer of the Harper - Reform faction, to one practised in most western democracies: cooperation across party lines.

    That's the Big Prize Canadians will win once we replace Harper's narrowly focused little party with a democratic voting system.

    And in that environment, ALL will win: conservatives, liberals, free enterprisers, socialists.

    The game is bigger than Harper's myopic view of politics.

    And the end result will be a flourishing Canadian democracy, takings its place amongst the leaders in the Western world, yet again.

    So dream on.

    We ain't going to disappear, no matter what the Harper talking points (and feverish dreams) might be.

    Liberals (and liberals) will play a significant role in the next 100 years of Canada's development.

  4. Michael... First of all, any 3rd place strategy (IF the party remains 3rd going into the next election) will be predicated on the NDP's actions, and not a true coaltion. Reason being, with the economy in shambles, and getting worse, no-one wants to wear the Harper economic mess (massive debt, housing bubble collapse, collapsing infrastructure, cutbacks). Best to let the NDP deal with each issue, and grade them on it.

    Beyond that, we're still 3yrs (and some criminal court cases, we hear) from the end of the current gov't and the birth of a new one. The Harper's could slide quite far (they only hold a 9-10% lead over the Liberals. If the LPC elects a more center-right leader, it could annihilate the Con's suburban vote, and even cut into the rural enough to decimate them like Mulroney was.

    As far as all the infantile cries about the "demise" of the Liberal Party.... ROFL... LOL... As someone who has been involved in the party for 30+ yrs, I've never seen as much grassroots activism and involvement before. This last convention was the best non-leadership ever attended in recent history - for any party. Fund-raising - while no-where near Harper's - is booming along. And it is growing by leaps and bounds. Oh... and our tracking software is actually being utilized and modified for the type of campaign we'll be running.

    I can wager, quite confidently, that this party will be here for a VERY long time - and (even if only to be a thorn in the NeoCon's side) will continue to do well. I bet on at LEAST a 2nd place finish this next election.

  5. Anon, you are right in my view: Harper's party will erode to a much lower plateau as more Canadians consider the way he is running the country and then take a fresh look at the other two parties.

    The old Prog-Cons will start parking their votes in the undecided box while they consider what might happen if a new government takes over from Harper.

    As time passes, and when the candidates for the LPC leader start talking about their views about the need for a different kind of government, with more cooperation, and about the terms on which they would be prepared to lead the LPC into a coalition government with the NDP, people will become more comfortable with the idea that an NDP-LPC coalition government will not only be a welcome replacement of the Harper one, but would have internal checks and balances which would reign in voters worst fears about the 'socialist hordes' taking over the country and nationalizing everything in sight while taxing the middle class to death so as to redistribute the wealth to the undeserving layabouts.

    That move will be accelerated by Mulcair's positive steps over the next 12 to 18 months to revise the preamble of the NDP constitution so as to accept the changes which Layton wanted and which were shelved, and to shift the party to the social democratic part of the spectrum (ala EU left wing parties).

    That convergence of the NDP and LPC, coupled with continued Harper hubris and mismanagement, and the realization that coalition governments do have built-in checks and balances which will prevent any NDO lurch towards 1950's style UK-Labour kind of interference in the private sector, will reassure a lot of people.

    As you point out, we only need a small shift (somewhere between 5% and 10% will be enough to tilt a large number of seats away from the Conservatives - around 40 to 70 or so) to have the Harper-Reform party implode ala Brian Mulroney. The same antipathy response is now taking place with Harper.


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