Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My shortlist for permanent leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Speculation swirls around Bob Rae and his rumoured resignation as interim leader in order to throw his hat into the ring for permanent leader.

Journalists give their views of which Liberals will be candidates.

The party itself is preparing to enrol tens of thousands of Supporters, who – although not members of the Party – will be able to choose the next leader of the Liberal Party.

Here is my short list of candidates I will be considering when I cast my vote (in no particular order):

Bob Rae
Justin Trudeau
Martha Hall Findlay

In making my choice, I will be paying particular attention to the candidates' positions on at least these issues:
  • pre-election and post-election electoral cooperation with the NDP and the Green Party;
  • the implementation of a modified form of proportional representation in our federal elections as a price of cooperation with any other party if there is a minority government;
  • the rights of party members and of Supporters to have a meaningful say in the determination of the policies of the LPC, and a means to require the party's caucus to include certain policies in the election campaigns in future, starting with 2015;
  • a realistic policy aimed at developing our oil and gas reserves while at the same time providing meaningful benefits to the major stakeholders, and enforcing adequate environmental protections;
  • a climate change policy that will result in Canada reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a reasonable timeframe, to an appropriate level;
  • a commitment of federal government support to encouraging and supporting green jobs in Canada; and
  • a more realistic policy with respect to the aspirations of the people living in Quebec than the party has adopted in the recent past.
There is a very good chance that our next leader will end up either as the next prime minister, or as the deputy leader in a coalition govenment lead by the NDP leader; our choice will determine the future of our country with respect to remedying our atrocious democratic deficit once and for all, and empowering voters by giving their votes value.

In terms of priority, my choice will be heavily influenced by the first two positions set out above.


  1. Of the three, Bob has too much baggage, Justin is too young, and Martha is just right!

  2. Having a woman as a leader would be a bit different - seems to be a trend in Canadian politics, eh? Findlay is impressive; I await her views on the topics in my post ...

  3. Martha is on record as being a "friend" of Tom Flanagan ("salting the earth so that Liberals will not thrive again, as the Romans did to Carthage") at UofCalgary and of not wanting to be "too partisan". Hopeless.

  4. Got to be others who can be the Liberals "Great Leader" as Olivia Chow references Tom Muclair

  5. ij:
    Your strikes against Findlay are interesting but not really good reasons for dismissing her as the potential leader of a party that has opened its arms to tens of thousands of potential Supporters. Not being too partisan is not necessarily a bad thing: our chaotic, childish, foolish Parliament is evidence of that!

    If she runs, she will give thousands upon thousands of women who are not members of the Liberal Party a good reason for joining as Supporters and voting for her: why should the provinces be the only ones to have a woman as leader of a major federal party?

  6. Here's a better reason to eliminate her.



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