Friday, May 04, 2012

Voter suppression: The Mystery of the 4-Minute Gap

The plot thickens, sayeth Deep Throat. The latest news about the sleuths working for Elections Canada to find out who Pierre Poutine is and who else might be involved in the voter suppression crimes that took place in Guelph riding during the May 2011 federal election throw up this interesting tidbit:
Deep Throat and the IP Address

The client identification number may help Mathews narrow in on Pierre Poutine.

Prescott has said he owns a small business that has an account with RackNine. The court document says RackNine assigned Prescott client number 45.

The court records show client 93 and someone using Prescott's account logged in to the same computer within four minutes of each other on May 2, election day.

"At a minimum this session log information means that client .93 used the same computer as did client .45," the court document says.

Prescott did not immediately return a call for comment. An attempt to reach Sona was unsuccessful.

Four minutes!

Client .93 and Client .45 used the same computer. And the log ins took place within 4 minutes of each other ...

Did anyone spot Pierre Poutine when he used the computer? 

How public was the computer – was it in a room that anyone could access? 

Could others possibly have seen someone at that time walking down a hallway to the room with the computer in it? 

Does anyone who was there on that day remember seeing people walking around the offices at that time – could it have been a total stranger, or what the room open only to staffers?

Does anyone have a sketch or diagram or photo of the room housing the computer in question? Deep Throat would love to see a copy ...


  1. Unfortunately, the court document has a technical mistake. It is not necessarily the same computer. If you work in an office with 200 other people, they will all appear to have the same IP address, the address of one of the routers. There are other things in the logs that can conceivably narrow it down to a specific computer, but the information cited just means that it was in the same campaign office.

  2. What this tells me, is that no-one in the general public should EVER trust Conservatives with their personal info/contact info... If someone can just "walk in off the street" (hardy, har, har... that's a fantasy - we can pretty much assume that there was a little more organization than that) and use their computer, mere MINUTES after the last user (or was it the last user?). Since it would take some time to actually sign out of the website, and lock the machine, gather one's stuff, or actually sign off the terminal, there is likely NO CHANCE that a "complete stranger" walked in and used the terminals.

    I'm sure we can hunt down mac addresses to determine the exact user... Every router will distribute a range of IPs to terminals, and those computers likely didn't get turned off for most of the campaign.

  3. Yeah, if it's a gateway IP that's a bit different. If it's an IP for a private residence though, oops.

    But if it is an IP for the CPC office, or an office computer, they're still nailed.

  4. Come on, intrepid journalists! Go through your files, or send out a photographer, or speak to some folks who were in the Guelph Tory office during the election, and give your readers the scoop: a diagram of the office, and the location of the computer and possible routes to that office!

    Beat your competition to the punch. And be part of this fast breaking criminal investigation....

    Canadians are hungry for more details - lots of details - on this sleuthing by Elections Canada and the RCMP. So far bloggers have lead the way in tieing up loose ends.

    As for the CBC, it really is time that they put on an inhouse information session for their news commentators on what the facts are in the voter suppression crimes that have put in question the legitimacy of the current Canadian government. Many in the CBC seem to have only a passing knowledge of these crimes, and miss the point of the fast breaking developments from Elections Canada and elsewhere.

  5. Yeah, everything else is moot, if the government is illegitimate. It makes the speed of the investigation a farce, a total insult.


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