Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Voter suppression: Will Kady and the CBC reget this?

The blogosphere is latched onto the greatest political scandal in the history of Canada, involving the voter suppression crimes committed before and on May 2, 2011, which, according to Elections Canada reports, was widespread, involved clear crimes of voter suppression and seems to have taken place in nearly two-thirds of the ridings in Canada.

And until the whole saga is clearly investigated, the last rock is turned over, the last person is interviewed, until then, the legitimacy of the current government of Canada is in doubt.

And the CBC response to some of the blogging?

Of note, @kady of the CBC dismissed my reporting entirely

Will Kady and the CBC one day regret their response to this stone-turning, muckraking blogger?


  1. I'm sorry, but what exactly did this guy tell us all that we didn't already know? From what I can tell, he promised the moon for weeks, then delivered a bunch of pedestrian information, none of which was particularly enlightening. To be honest the fascination with this guy is a giant YAWN for me, I've learned nothing that I can't read or surmise on my own.

    Anyone with a critical eye knew where this was leading, I've told several people and its unfolding exactly as I suspected. I guess I'm a oracle as well :) Big deal, all kinds of people drew the same conclusions and without all the stringing along either.

  2. I also regret spelling mistakes in the title :-)

  3. What Steve said. The guy didn't exactly reveal information that broke the story wide open. He's being a bit arrogant and nothing more. I tuned out after the first couple of posts he did, since it was all things we knew. He's playing games, man.

  4. Even erratic messengers sometimes deliver the goods to the right place in the right way, so let's wait for him to present Canadians with verifiable copies of the hard copy evidence he claims he now has. Until then, his claims are unproven and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, tantalizing your readers is not a new practice for writers ... remember Conan Doyle bumping off Sherlock Holmes and then having to resuscitate the sleuth?


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