Monday, June 25, 2012

Justin Trudeau: Just how sticky is Quebec support for Thomas Mulcair's NDP?

The answer? Not very sticky.

The straw in the wind of the huge problem facing Mulcair and his NDP MPs in Quebec comes from the June 15 Forum poll, which showed this result:

Take a long hard look at that result.

Despite the NDP having the wind in its sails for many months now, despite all the pundits pontificating about how the NDP has become the default anti-Tory choice of Canadians, despite the pundits solemnly tossing handfuls of soil on the coffin of the Liberal Party of Canada, if Justin Trudeau lead the Liberals into battle around June 15 of this year, the vote for the Liberals in Quebec would be pretty darn close to the vote for the NDP.

So much for the unassailable fortress NDP in Quebec.

This thing is about to explode, folks!

This weekend I heard one senior Liberal Party officer opine that he expected some million or more Supporters to join the Liberal Party and vote for the next leader ...
Hold onto your hats.

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