Friday, August 17, 2012

Goodbye, Berlin Wall; Hello, Barrick Wall

It seems there is nothing new in history:

The rising costs at North Mara are partly due to production shutdowns, electricity shortages and fuel thefts. But security is another major cost. An average of about 800 people invade the North Mara mine every day to grab its waste rock, Barrick said last year.
The company spent over $20-million on security in 2010, employing more than 300 security staff and contractors to guard the mine. About two dozen Tanzanian police also patrol the site, under a security agreement in which Barrick pays for their expenses and part of their salaries.
The company also budgeted $14-million to build a high concrete wall around the entire mine, stretching about 14 kilometres in length, in an effort to keep the invaders out.

Only the Barrick Wall is to keep people out, not in.

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