Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kay on Justin Trudeau: He’s not just a Pretty Face

Jonathan Kay of the National Post has an interesting reply to those commentators who describe Justin Trudeau as a lightweight politician:
Justin Trudeau into the ring?

It’s fashionable to write off Mr. Trudeau as a lightweight, and his party as a spent force. But recent events in Quebec — specifically, Pauline Marois’ election as premier, and the student strikes that indirectly brought her separatist party to power — suggest there is an avenue for the Liberals, with Mr. Trudeau at the helm, to make themselves relevant again in Canadian politics, and perhaps even make a play for power.

First off, anyone who still dismisses Mr. Trudeau as an untested political dilettante isn’t paying attention. As early as 2006, he was chairing the Liberals’ youth-renewal task force. In 2008, he became an MP — and he did so in the competitive, highly multicultural, hardscrabble east-end Montreal riding of Papineau. In the 2008 election, he fought a hard door-to-door ground war against former BQ vice-president Vivian Barbot, defeating the incumbent by fewer than 1,200 votes. In 2011, he survived the Orange Wave, defeating his NDP challenger by more than 4,000 votes.

In short, he’s gone up against both the separatists, and the left, and won both times. Even if he’s done this using the political rocket juice of name recognition, he’s won the right not to 
be treated as a pretty-face novice.

He also gives a good summary of the obstacles facing Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Well worth reading.

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  1. The Keystone GarterSeptember 26, 2012 4:18 pm

    I dunno, 9 years of giving the riches of this country to the dumbest most evil actors has left me kind of hoping Canada fails so AGW slows down and 3rd world minds can create a better world. I'm happy Harper used his limited marketing resources to promote nutrition, but why have a health Minister who thinks Aboriginals have even eaten seal meat, or why give tax cuts to finance and petro instead of healthy and cheap food, Food Stamps?
    Why not find what gyms have spare capacity and give down period gym/fitness/non-contact-sports passes and healthy-cheap Food Stamps as a GAI along with busfare?
    I really don't care about Canada if our goal is to expand Edm Cgy sprawl and increase the tail they get. They should rechoose the non-Jesus parts of the Bible. They are worshipping a pantheist/atheist in Aristotle, for starters. That's fine, but people like that shouldn't be given the PM office.


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