Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let us hope Justin Trudeau, like his father, can say this in 2015: We beat the bastards. Now it’s possible for us to do things

Like a modern Beverley Hills Cop actor, Newman – the man who would wreck the unmarked Liberal Party of Canada with a banana stuffed into its tailpipe; the man who would wreck the buffet of that party, spread out to welcome its new leader, the Younger Trudeau, by crashing the party – has once again entered the fray with an article in Macleans about the Younger Trudeau.

Newman, the man born in Vienna, Austria, who sports a black beret rakishly tilted to one side, the man who has sold 2 million copies of his many books on business and political figures, is at it again, taking another of his customary pokes at the LPC.

The man who enjoyed a stint as a magician, is on record as being firmly convinced that the Liberal Party of Canada has already suffered the fate of the legendary Monty Python’s parrot, and is not just resting, because it is no longer part of the mainstream, is part of the general collapse of centralist parties throughout the western world, because it was formerly nailed to the perch of a firm geographical base but alas! no longer has such a base and has joined the crowd invisible, and is a dead parrot.

Sorry, party. A dead party.

Now he thinks that Justin Trudeau is the next messiah for the Liberal Party, and really, really needed.

Not because he can raise the dead parrot (sorry, party) from the dead (ala Lazarus), but because he is his own man, just like his father:

The cameras love Justin too, but this is a different age, more accustomed to politicians playing to media. Still, the ability to hold a crowd in thrall is a rare thing, and Justin’s charm of mixing sex appeal with political ideals will take him a long way. Justin enters the race with two secret weapons: 150,000 avid Twitter followers, with the bonus that under the Grits’ revised constitution almost anyone can vote; and the campaign guidance of Gerald Butts, one of the wisest political advisers extant.
The Younger Trudeau

The two Trudeaus share not only a famous surname. There is an essential Pierre characteristic that I have noticed emerging in Justin, as I have watched him blossom into manhood. No matter what he did, in office or out, Pierre never failed to exercise his ultimate civil liberty: the right to be himself. Justin is cast in precisely the identical mould. As heir to that magnificent tradition, he will try to repeat history and reach for the top. Anything can happen—just watch him.

Wise words from the unofficial scribe of the Canadian elite.

Just watch him. As his father once said.

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