Sunday, September 23, 2012

NDP’s Mulcair challenges PM Harper to stop the hollowing out of Canada

Thomas Mulcair’s NDP is onto a good thing with its policy of taking steps to stop the continuous hollowing out of the manufacturing industries in Canada.

Harper’s Tory government is vulnerable to the charge that it lacks an industrial strategy designed to offset the massive hollowing out of the industrial capacity of Canada, and with it, the destruction of hundreds of thousands of good, well paying jobs:
Upgrader Alley - Map

Though he did not mention Dutch disease again on Saturday, Mulcair stuck by his contention that Ontario’s manufacturing sector is being “hollowed out,” noting that 500,000 jobs have been lost in recent years as exporters lose their competitive advantage.

And the NDP is following in the footsteps of Peter Lougheed, premier of Alberta, in calling for upgraded value of exports of tar sand oil, by encouraging upgraders in Alberta:

“We also have to make sure we are adding value here.”

Both the proposed Keystone pipeline to the U.S. Gulf coast and the Gateway pipeline to Kitimat are unacceptable because they will ship raw bitumen to foreign refineries, Mulcair said.

That takes the country back to the days of being a “hewer of wood and drawer of water” and “the (federal) Conservatives would like to keep us there,” he said.

Mulcair is positioning the NDP very astutely, striking at the weaknesses of the Conservatives with respect to manufacturing in Ontario and a lack of imagination in dealing with the oil and gas industry.

Can we expect the NDP to come out with detailed policies that put the Upgrader Alley on the front burners of government policy again?
Methinks this is a good move by the NDP.


  1. The Ontario government, Liberals led by McGinty is doing more damage than the Federal Government.
    He is making decisions based on how it will affect his party rather than what is right for Ontario. This takes politics to a new low.


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