Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama’s Noise Gaffe on Iran-Israel: Will it cost him the election?

President Obama made a remarkable statement on 60 Minutes when he characterized the Israeli government’s concern about the need for a red line to deter Iran as ‘noise’ which he disregards:

President Obama sent a poisonously dangerous message to the world about hisattitude towards Israeli concerns.

And for friends of Israel in the United States, this was a preview of what four more years may entail.

Again: Nobody put a gun to Mr. Obama’s head and forced him to agree to run with the “noise” remark that his staff crafted and pitched to him. There are many eloquent alternative sound bites that could have been used to handle the question. It was most definitely Mr. Obama’s call.

And even odder: it’s hard to come up with the demographic that the “noise” remark might have nudged from the “undecided” column over to the Democratic ticket.

So besides being a message to friends of Israel in general, the “noise” remark is a particularly bizarre message.

Will American Jews manage to process this before they go behind the curtain in November?
 Let’s see how American voters react to Obama’s remarkable statement.


  1. I don't think Israel will become a major issue in the US presidential election unless the Republicans can connect Obama's comments about Israel as an attack on Christianity and Jesus.

  2. It will become a major issue if Israel unilaterally attacks Iran or Obama decides he can sway undecided to his side by cooperating in an attack. Of course, the alternative being Iran drops a nuke on Tel Aviv, that could be bad for Obama. And maybe some dead Israelis, too. Bad, I mean.


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