Thursday, September 13, 2012

Should Canada limit sugar and fat content of foods?

In New York, large sugary drinks have just been banned in some places:

New York City has passed the first US ban on large-size sodas and other sugary drinks being sold in restaurants and other eateries.

The measure was passed by eight members of the city's mayoral-appointed health board, with one member abstaining.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for the ban as a way to reduce obesity and its related health problems.

A strong case can be made that the Canadian government and provincial governments should take steps to ban the sale of any drinks or food which contain high levels of sugar and fat.

The ban is justified because the whole community suffers when people become ill because they have eaten too much sugar and fat over the years. The negative impacts on health from these toxic substances is proven, and beyond dispute.
Let’s see if the NDP, LPC and/or CPC decide to adopt a policy to ban such toxic elements from foods sold in Canada.


  1. no large extra large coke?
    ok, i'll have a burger and two large coke then please

    sugar and fat
    so no more chocolate bars or butter or cheese?
    no cream?
    no fudge or candy?
    no more ice tea mix?
    the content of a sack of sugar is 100% sugar

    i guess there will be some economic spin-off in a new black market
    it is totally unenforceable and addresses a symptom rather than the problem

    oh cat
    you cleaver devil
    you posted this to troll for comments
    well played sir

  2. Anon, take two sniffs of sugar and call me in the morning.


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