Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unsettled state of voters’ views of leaders good news for Liberals

Especially if Liberal Party members and supporters select Justin Trudeau as their new leader in 2013. Trudeau has lots of room grow and could easily eclipse a much disliked Stephen Harper, as a recent Abacus Data poll shows:
Trudeau delivers ...

But whereas Harper is only marginally behind on favourability, his unfavourability is considerably higher: 50 per cent, to only 22 per cent for Mulcair. With only 13 per cent saying they have a neutral opinion of the Prime Minister and two per cent unsure, 

Harper’s numbers are going to be difficult to move. Mulcair, on the other hand, has 12 per cent of Canadians who are unsure of what they think of him and 31 per cent who have a neutral opinion.

If the Liberals choose Justin Trudeau as their next leader, there is the potential that things could change dramatically for them. Trudeau has a favourability rating of 39 per cent, with only 23 per cent holding an unfavourable opinion.

Go for it, Justin!

The people will coalesce around you.

You stand a better than even chance of being prime minister come the next election.

And we have a lot to do to prepare our country for the troubled times that await the world.


  1. Yes, we have a lot to do to be able to move forward. But it won't be with the LPC and it certainly be with Trudeau II. So I'm begging you guys over there - please pick Trudeau.......please pick Trudeau, PLEASE pick Trudeau! :D

    1. That should read "certainly won't be", LOL

  2. Thanks, Michael. Your prayers will be answered.

    And the prayers of some 60% of Canadian voters.

  3. That was begging, not praying. I'll leave the prayers to Liberals absolutely desperate for a Messiah.

    LOL. 60% what, vote FOR Trudeau? Please.


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