Saturday, October 20, 2012

Debate 3: President Obama's Last Chance to Channel Moses

Moses: Model for Obama?
Alan Schroeder, Journalism Professor at Northeastern U, has an interesting post in Huffington Post entitled The Dramatic Arc of the 2012 Presidential Debates.
It is worth reading.

Here's a taste of it:

Which brings us to Act Four. A sense of momentous envelops this final debate, because for both participants the stakes and expectations are equally high. The presidency remains either man's to win or lose; any misstep will be magnified accordingly. It is conceivable that Obama enters the arena overly confident and overly aggressive, the way Romney was in the town hall. And it is conceivable that Romney engages in another of his petty on-camera outbursts over some perceived violation of the rules, as he has done in the past. We know that both candidates are quite capable of errors, no matter how much they prepare against them...

It will be interesting to see to whether the candidates attempt to build upon gains made in previous debates. Romney cannot expect another infomercial, but he would be smart to bring back the self-confident pitch-man from Act One. And Obama will want to revive the version of himself that he portrayed in the town hall, a leader in tune with his constituents and one jump ahead of his opponent. Whichever of these characters dominates on Monday night may determine the outcome of the debate, and possibly the election.

I would not be  surprised to see more than 60 million Americans tuning in to this final battle.

If Obama does not channel Moses, and actually give voters a good peek at his Four Year Plan  carved into his two stone tablets, the Cheese Doctor will be proven right, and Romney will be President Romney come next year.

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