Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is Obama writing off Florida, North Carolina and Virginia?

The dust has barely started settling from Debate 2 and the rumour mills are grinding, grinding, grinding … Daily Kos has this comment on a possible abandonment of 57 electoral votes by the Obama team:

1:55 PM PT: Holy crap. Does this mean what it looks like it means?

What also became clear after the dust began to settle from the rumble on Long Island was the electoral map has narrowed and Obama's team, while conceding nothing publicly, is circling the wagons around Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Plouffe said that Obama remains strong in all four states, but he would not discuss the specifics of internal polling or voter-contact analytics, saying only that Obama has "significant leads" in all four places.

It is uncharacteristic of Team Obama to concede any terrain, but Plouffe offered no such assurances about Obama's position in North Carolina, Virginia, or Florida

Romney advisers have seen big gains in all three states and now consider wins likely, although not guaranteed, in all three. They are similarly upbeat about prospects in Colorado but not confident enough to predict victory. That Plouffe left Colorado off his list of states where Obama's leading and can withstand a Romney surge might be telling.

Could Obama really be writing off FL, NC, and VA? 57 electoral votes? Really?

Let’s see if the Obama team correct the impression, or if the rumours are true.

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  1. October 15 - before Debate 2:

    Time Magazine's Mark Halperin is also reporting tonight in an Electoral College update that a top Democratic source is worrying for the first time that Ohio may be slipping out of the Obama column and moving toward the tossup pile.

    Halperin explains:

    This doesn't mean Romney has the upper hand right now. But it is no longer at all implausible that he could take the three Southern battlegrounds and Ohio. If he does that, he sure as heck would have the upper hand. And that leaves at least some Democrats with the shakes.


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