Monday, October 08, 2012

Israel & Iran: Mitt Romney accepts Israel’s Red Line

Iraeli & Romney Red Line?

A dramatic difference has emerged between President Obama’s policy towards Iran and that of Romney. In his major foreign policy speech, Romney has taken a giant step towards Israel, accepting the Israeli Prime Minister’s Red Line that Iran should not acquire nuclear 
weapons capability.

Obama has always spoken about Iran not building a bomb.

The Israeli PM’s famous Red Line was aimed at stopping Iran before an bomb was built.

There is a real, if subtle, difference over Iran. Mr Romney draws a red line much earlier. He says he would "prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability". The current policy is to stop Iran from building a bomb.

He says "we must make clear to Iran through actions - not just words - that their nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated". He does not say what these actions might be.

He does, like Mr Obama, promise tougher sanctions.

There is a very different attitude to Israel. Mitt Romney says strains between Mr Obama and the Israeli prime minister are dangerous for the world.

He's made it clear in the past he would allow no daylight between Israel and America. In practical terms, Mr Romney has already said he would support any military action by Israel against Iran.

If, as some reports are now indicating, Iran is preparing to take steps to tighten  restrictions on UN inspectors, then  the Israeli Red Line will probably be triggered, and most likely the new Romney Red Line.

If this happens and Romney becomes president, we can expect an American strike on Iran very early on in a Romney administration.

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  1. Look. 'Ol Mittens is just trying to appease the religious George W. Bush right by pretending to support God's people the Israelites. The fact of the matter is that we all know Iran is just blowing smoke up everyone’s behind and that 99.99999% of the people in Iran want peace and democracy. The U.S. should find a diplomatic and peaceful solution and work with Iran to prevent any further bloodshed. We also know that 99.99999% of Muslims are good peaceful people who want freedom.


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