Saturday, October 06, 2012

Justin Trudeau: Latest poll debunks Quebec myth about Trudeaus

Justin Trudeau - The Healer?
The good news for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals just keeps pouring in, with the latest Decima poll showing that the Trudeau name is poison in Quebec is a myth:

The latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey released Friday says 36 per cent of those who took part in the poll across the country last week said they would be certain or likely to vote Liberal in the next election if Trudeau is at the party's helm.

The poll says he would get "significant support" east of Manitoba, with 40 per cent of those surveyed in Ontario, 43 per cent in Quebec and 48 per cent in Atlantic Canada indicating they would be certain or likely to vote for the Liberals if Trudeau is leading the party.

"Justin Trudeau — more than any other prospective candidate we tested — holds the best prospect for a revival of the Liberal party," said Allan Gregg, chairman of Harris-Decima. "In fact he is the only candidate we tested that has the potential to broaden the Liberal vote beyond its current base."

Gregg said the results in Quebec "debunk the myth that the Trudeau name is a liability in the province of Quebec or among francophones."

The poll also suggests that while Trudeau is a threat to the Conservatives, the NDP has the most to lose from his leadership of the Liberals.

Very good news for Trudeau; and good news for the country as a whole.

Justin Trudeau is beginning to look like the party leader who might heal the divisions that nine years of divide and conquer politicking of Stephen Harper’s new Tories have inflicted on Canada.

Trudeau looks like the person who could speak for all of Canada.

Let’s just hope that – should he become the leader of the Liberal Party – he uses his appeal to remedy our democratic deficit, so that Canada can take its place among the real democracies of the world.

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