Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama & Romney: What their handwriting reveals

President Obama's handwriting
Many believe that you can read a person's character by studying their handwriting.

A report in Ynet quotes the findings of a graphologist for the two gladiators.

According to graphologist Dr. Ari Korenblit the handwriting of both candidates reveals that:

Both candidates exude confidence, self-sufficiency, and deeply want to achieve a prominent place in public life. Each has an abundance of stamina and vitality, a penetrating, fast mind and is an intuitive thinker who sizes up a situation and grasps facts instantly; vivid and rapid comprehension. Yet they are both relatively narrow-minded and prejudiced against new ideas.

And as for Obama, here are some conclusions:
Governor Romney's handwriting

President Barack Obama exudes grace, fluidity, charisma, charm, wit and needs to always be the center of attention; needing an audience to play to. He has a quick, facile mind, a philosophical bend and quick sense of humor. He uses his keen mind to his advantage, constantly thinking in a creative and innovative manner...
 His tremendous powers of concentration accompany poor detail orientation, so his message can sound fuzzy under scrutiny. He is adaptable and versatile, with abundant self-confidence and energy. He can be extremely dominating which defends a sensitive temperament and delicate feelings, and is open to influence, easily manipulated and, under pressure, can lose objectivity.

And Romney's handwriting shows this about his character, amongst other things:

Governor Mitt Romney is sociable and affectionate, yet he is more mentally than socially oriented and more comfortable in the theoretical world than in the company of others. Although he may have plenty of friendships, it isn’t quite easy for him to connect with others...
 When faced with unexpected events, he will not be distracted and finds ways around obstacles and getting back on track. He leaps nimbly from thought to thought, without wasting time and necessitating all the data before him. He operates with great efficiency, opting for a directness of approach, albeit with a certain attitude of calculation.
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