Wednesday, October 10, 2012

President Obama needs to morph into Moses if he wants to win

US cultural code for president
Is the Cheese Doctor (Clotaire Rapaille) right? Does Mitt Romney fit the American code for president better than Obama does right now?

That’s what Mike Murphy in TIME seems to think:

In ways that were not apparent at first, the debate recast the race as a choice between a smile and a smirk. Romney’s first opportunity is to lock in the chance to be the smiling, optimistic face of American politics, much as Ronald Reagan was in the 1980s. Romney now looks like the more excited of the pair, the candidate brimming with ideas, the one who seems to want the job more and relish its challenges. That’s always very appealing, but especially in times of economic pain and uncertainty. For more than a year the President’s shaky management of the economy has made him the country’s second choice for President. (Romney’s problem had been that he was Americans’ third choice.) But now, if Mitt can capture the role of Mr. Big-Picture Confidence while Obama sticks with his grinding, nit-picking strategy of running a small campaign about small things, the race could continue to move in Romney’s favor.

The second opportunity is about Romney’s image as a problem solver. In the nick of time, he’s freed himself from the ideological-litmus-test drudgery of the Republican primaries and made it clear that he is first and foremost a friendly, economic fix-it man. That is the only kind of Republican who can prevail in a country where changing demographics have made winning national office no easy task for the GOP.

The third opportunity turns on confidence. Romney’s success in Denver has given his campaign the maneuvering room to do something it has been scared to do until now: move back to the political center.

Methinks President Obama and his advisors better huddle together fast and contemplate Rapaille’s analysis of the code for the presidency.

And then they should cast Obama as Moses, thrust the tablets into his hands, and have him start offering to lead the nation to the promised land…
If he doesn’t, he is about to find out that oodles of cash and oodles of negative ads don’t necessarily translate into a message consistent with the cultural code of Americans for their president.

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