Thursday, October 04, 2012

Presidential Debate: Reptilian Romney bests Cerebral Obama

In last night’s presidential debate, one man looked presidential; was incisive and decisive; marshaled facts and figures; confronted his opponent; was strongly assertive; beat back every challenge from the other man; and simply dominated the debate.

That man was Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger for the presidency.

The other man was cautious; stumbled over his words; lacked clarity and factual backup for his arguments; seemed distant and uninvolved; simply accepted the attacks of his opponent; rambled on when brevity was called for; and displayed the body language of a loser.

That man was President Obama.

Reagan redux:

Not since Ronald Reagan brushed Jimmy Carter aside have we seen such a lopsided contest.

Romney now enters the last four weeks with a spring in his step; dozens of cutting sound bytes for his attack ads; and a newly inspired Republican base.

Obama now needs to take stock of his campaign, and decide whether he really wants to be re-elected. Last night he seemed not to be in the game. He looked like a second-rate challenger going up against a highly successful president seeking his second term.

What happened?

Very simply, Romney’s reptilian brain knocked the stuffing out of Obama’s cortex.

Dr. Clotiere Rappaile, the culture code guru, has an explanation for the debacle we saw last night:

If we now try to understand the connection between the 3 brains:
  • The reptilian is very quick, reflex.
  • The limbic is energy, a lot of energy and emotions (we know there is no imprint in the brain without emotion)
  • The cortex is control.

Rapaille says that when these three parts of your brain conflict with each other, there is no contest – the reptilian brain wins:

The reptilian brain always wins

The cortex is supposed to bring you the rational dimension to help you have more chances to survive and to reproduce. The problem is that it goes too far into the control of the reptilian, so we lose out on spontaneity. When people say "give me a good reason to love you," do mothers need a good reason to love their children? No, they just do.

This is reptilian, and you don't need a reason.

When the reptilian is up against the cortex, the reptilian always wins. Reality and numbers don't matter. If you do not have a reptilian dimension, you'll never win. Understanding the reptilian dimension is absolutely crucial.

Every communication strategy should have a reptilian, limbic and a cortex aspect.

The American Code for the Presidency:

In the debate, Romney used his reptilian brain to overcome Obama, and he did so by fitting exactly into the code for the presidency that Americans expect:

“We are always changing, always moving forward, always reinventing, and we want a president who can redirect this process.  The president needs to understand what is broken, have a strong idea about how to fix it, and then ‘rebel’ against the problem.”

“As with everything else, the reptilian always wins.  We don’t want our presidents to think too much.  We want them to respond from the gut, to have a strong survival instinct.  The candidate doesn’t need to be extremely reptilian, only more reptilian than his opponent is… We don’t want a father figure.  We want a Biblical figure.”

Big Bird: What, me?
The Code for the American Presidency is MOSES.  ”A rebellious leader of his people with a strong vision and the will to get them out of trouble.” He also made people believe they could do the impossible, eg George Washington’s ragtag army vs British military; Lincoln overcoming slavery and civil war, Roosevelt and the Depression.  American’s don’t want some perfect figure, instead they should learn from their mistakes and be better for it.

The leaders are the ‘entertainer in chief.’  Their job is to inspire.  That’s why Arnold works.  ”The ‘vision thing’ is critical, as is the ability to get one’s message across and inspire.”

In contrast, the Canadian Code for Canada is TO KEEP.  Therefore, they vote for guardians.  The French like leaders with new ideas.

There we have it.

Unless Obama can re-engage with the American code for the presidency, and call upon his reptilian brain, he will lose.

And America, and the world, will also lose, along with him.

Oh, and Big Bird will be fired.

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