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Three Reasons why Obama's Second Term will be a Transformative One

The Great Storyteller
Not only America but the rest of the world would benefit from President Obama being voted in for a second term, because that term will be a positive and transformative one for all of us.

I am asking you to Tweet and email a link to this post to everyone you know, explaining to them why they should vote for a second term for President Obama. 

Ask those you contact to send the post to their friends and contacts, especially those in the battleground states of Ohio and Florida.

The Potential to rank with Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy:

Should Obama gain a second term, I believe that the actions he takes will place him in the same rank as former President Jack Kennedy, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and President Lincoln.

These men gave hope in times of peril not only for Americans, but for hundreds and hundreds of millions of people throughtout the world. 

They embodied the highest values of that great American nation that was born in a fierce struggle for independence and freedom, forged in the fury of a savage civil war, and moulded in the innovative development of the national economy in a way that was and is to this day unmatched by any other nation.

America is a nation born of hope, founded on the belief that the freedom of each person is the highest good, and willing to use its might and its wealth and its young men and women to spread such freedoms throughout the world.
President Kennedy

Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy guided this mighty nation through turmoil and threat, helping Americans to remain true to their core values.

I believe that President Obama is cut of the same cloth, and has and will do the same for today's America.

President Obama's Failure to tell his story:

Telling stories is the way our species has built its civilizations through the centuries. The art of story telling weaves our communities together, passes the knowledge of the past – of its dangers, promises and great deeds – on to other generations.

All great leaders tell stories.

During the Great Depresssion, President Roosevelt used his fireside chats to tell the nation of the problems facing them, of the steps that their government had taken and planned to take. In doing so, he gave the nation hope, and from that hope sprang the deeds that moved the country from that dreadful state into a better one.

President Obama has not told the stories that he needed to during his term as president.

But his failure during his first term to adequately tell the full story of what he was actually doing, what he achieved, and what he  planned to do in the future, should not detract from his deeds.

This president has done mighty deeds, even though he has failed to explain them properly to his people.

Decisiveness when faced by Danger:

All three of these great presidents led America during times of great peril, for the world and for America.
President Lincoln - the Emancipator

President Obama has just led America and the world through a time of great peril. 

The financial meltdown of 2007 posed a threat not only to the American economy, but to the global economy. 

If things had gone wrong – if the steps taken under Obama's leadership to stabilize the banking system, rescue the automove industry, and start building protections against any recurrence of such banking implosions, had not happened, then it is probable that the world economy would have gone into a tailspin and we would now be facing a worldwide depression that would make the 1929 Great Depression look mild.

President Obama not only deserves credit for saving us all from such a fate.

His decisiveness during this time of danger has a greater meaning, as well.

It is proof to Americans that should such economic dangers happen again in the next four years, they would have in President Obama a seasoned leader, who would cope with the problems and lead the nation to safety yet again.

Leading the world to Freedom through Consensus:

Governor Romney has dismissed the actions of President Obama during the Arab Spring as a lack of leadership.

This charge is a trite dismissal of a major change in the way America can lead hundreds of millions into the same freedoms that Americans fought so hard for during their short history as a nation born of protest and a yearning for freedom.

The Arab Spring is a testament to the fact that the American drive for freedom is still as influential in the world as it was when it gave such encouragement to the French when they staged their magnificent revolution to bring about their own freedom in 1789.

The election of President Obama as the Hope and Change president – after eight years of depressing and negative leadership by Bush – was an enormous stimulus to the revolutionary spirit in the oppressed nations in the Middle East and Africa.

Governor Romney claims that President Obama has failed because he has "led from behind".

This is wrong.

What Obama has done is show the oppressed citizens of the world that they can take their own futures into their own hands, and gain their freedom, with the help of America. 

Obama made it clear to these people – especially their younger citizens – that the responsibility for their futures lay in their hands.

He did not do what America has sometimes done in the past: decide for others what they should do and who should lead them.

President Obama reached out to support them, but insisted that the decision on the shape of their nation states and the content of their individual freedoms lay in their hands.

He has spelled out the Obama Doctrine that the oppressed of the world should be masters in their own house, helped by America but not dictated to by America.

By doing so, he has shown the world that the shining city on the hill that Americans sensed when led by Presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy, could also be part of their futures. 

They, too, could build their own cities on their hills, on foundations of the freedom of the individual.

And in his second term, I believe President Obama would help these hundreds of millions to build those cities, with their own hands, and according to their own plans.

The world would benefit if he was given another four years to do so.

He also offers the greatest hope that American will do the moral thing regarding the 12 million illegal immigrants now part of the American social and economic fabric.

Recalibrating the American Economy:

America is on the move again. The next president will find his fortunes lifted by the rising economy, and there will be more jobs for more Americans.

However, the question facing the next president is what to do to remedy the hollowing out that has happened to the domestic economy over the past twenty or so years.

Good jobs have disappeared; manufacturing jobs have moved to countries like China where workers have fewer rights, less protection against bad working conditions, and substantially lower wages.

Governor Romney has pinned his faith on more smaller businesses, resulting from lower taxation, and has promised to create 12 million new jobs over 8 years.

Many of those jobs will be McJobs – lower paid, uncertain jobs, heavily dependent on a good time economy.

President Obama has a two-fold strategy for remedying the hollowing out of America. He will kill two birds with one stone.

His plan is to ensure that America invests heavily in education, so that the people assets are shaped for the future America. 

And he will foster green jobs – new jobs in new industries, designed to make America the major supplier of the goods and services the world needs to reduce greenhouse gases and so combat the greatest challenge of the next fifty years: a warming earth.

Governor Romney's plan is to offer more of the same. 

President Obama's plan is to move boldly into a new future, so that America can develop new jobs - well paying jobs - in new industries, while at the same time reducing global warming.

His plan offers more to the world than does the Romney plan.

Pass this on to your friends and acquaintances:

Please consider my arguments for another term for President Obama. If you agree that he is a better choice, please tweet and/or email a copy of this post to all you know and ask them to do likewise.
There are less than two weeks left.


  1. Four more years of obama would be a clear example of Einstein's definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

    I don't have time to go through your post, suffice to say he has a kind of reverse Midas touch, everything he touches turns to dross. To take just one point, "saving General Motors."
    Here's the real story of what happened.

    It's all moot anyway since obama won't be Pres much longer.

  2. I agree who;e heartedly with most of what you said...however I don't know how a country who has 43% of it's population believing that the world is only 6000 years old can ever compete in Maths and Science.

  3. " a country who has 43% of it's population believing that the world is only 6000 years old "

    Sorry, I just don't believe that statement.

    btw, this is what obama is leading America towards.

  4. See also this on the GM bailout, how it should have been done.
    What obama did was pay off the unions for their support, to hell with everyone else. But interference with orderly and lawful process will come back to bite them.

  5. Read all about your wonderful obama.

  6. This is a good one.

    OK, I'll quit now! But I hope you read them.

  7. Touched a nerve or two, did I, Ligneus?

  8. You didn't do much touch a nerve as wrote a lot of stuff that isn't so and I'm trying to show a different side of it. Did you read any of the links I posted? Here's a good post on the GM scam.

  9. Check out Victor Davis Hanson's 'Are We Becoming Medieval', see what you think of it.

  10. I'm puzzled as to how anyone can still support obama.

    "How exactly does one exactly define treason and cowardice? I think this comes pretty close. And to think that everyone in the situation room went to bed that night, especially our commander in chief."


  12. More from Bookworm Room on the Benghazi debacle.

    If this is ever properly reported by the Lame Stream Media I don't see how anyone could vote for obama, truly the worst President ever. He shoul be impeached.

  13. I'm being a one man band here again and I'm sorry to keep hammering away at it and though I can see how you might share obama's ideology and support him for that reason, but to not take into account his criminality and incompetence? Like I said, I don't get it.
    More on Benghazi from Powerline.

  14. From Politico Saturday Oct 27:

    I have always been a believer in data telling me the full story. Truth is, nobody knows what will happen on Election Day. But here is what we do know: 220,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio compared with 2008. And 30,000 more Republicans have cast their ballots compared with four years ago. That is a 250,000-vote net increase for a state Obama won by 260,000 votes in 2008.

    Read more:

  15. Pat Cadell on the MSM non coverage of the Benghazi debacle.

  16. Roger L Simon calls it treason.


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