Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Warren Kinsella should start a Draft Dalton Movement

Dalton for leader of LPC?
With Dalton McGuinty stepping down as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, the timing it is perfect for Warren Kinsella to start a Draft Dalton Movement to persuade Dalton to throw his hat into the ring for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Kinsella is a big fan of Dalton, and is well-connected.

The deadline for candidates to sign a nomination form to run as leader is January 14, 2013, with the election taking place via our brand new primary mechanism (set out in Article 56 of our party Constitution) on April 14, 2013.

So there is plenty of time for Dalton to  tidy up the few things that need tidying up in Ontario and then run.
Warren Kinsella in pensive mood

Imagine the boost to membership and supporters if we have Dalton also traipsing around all 308 ridings to sign up supporters – something every serious candidate for leadership will need to do, given that each and every riding has 100 voting points at the primary, all allocated amongst the candidates based on the preferential votes of those in the riding who cast votes for the leader.

I would expect Dalton to bring in between 200,000 and 300,000 new Supporters fairly easily, which would be a major boost for the party going forward.

How about it, Warren?


  1. Replies
    1. 3 weeks ago Kinsella said that Trudeau was "all sizzle no steak"
      2 weeks ago Kinsella compared Trudeau to Romney.
      Last week ,according to Kinsella Shiny Pony Justin was on a par with Harper.
      To-day he's promoting Canada's answer to Richard Nixon as the new saviour of the most corrupt political party in our history.
      Knock yourself out.

  2. He has already stated that the reason for stepping down is to spend more time with his family. Mcguinty also said he'd be staying as premier until at least the new leader is chosen. The entire campaign (for Ont. Lib leader) is very unlikely to take place before the 14th of January. He isn't running. I call BS on this story.

  3. McGuinty is not known for keeping his word.

    Dalton would be terrible for the Liberal party and a total disaster for Canada

    Dalton has done Ontario a big disservice, his record as Premier is shameful, he is quiting because he has backed himself into a corner and his total mismanagement of Ontario is being exposed. Remember E-health ( 1 billion dollars wasted), his brib to the teachers, Ornge scandle ( still being investigated by the Police, cancelled power plants ( $600,000,000 wasted), the teachers are filing a class action and the doctors are checking their options.
    He has shutdown the Ontario legislature with prorogation. Was this done for the benifit of Ontario or Dalton McGuinty??


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