Saturday, November 17, 2012

Calgary Center by-election: Move over, Peek a Boo Tories, here comes the Red Tide!

Jack Layton's stunning success in the May 2011 election broke the grip of the do-nothing Bloc in Quebec, and made it legitimate for voters across Canada to consider the unthinkable.

Now along comes the by election of Calgary Centre, and the polls have tightened substantially. The federal Conservative Party candidate is in danger of losing a safe Tory seat; her PMO-mandated "peek a boo" electioneering style is being viewed by some voters as disrespectful.

The Liberal Party is undergoing a renaissance of spirit at the mere thought of Justin Trudeau becoming its permanent leader,
with national polls showing a massive migration of voters away from the NDP (where anti-Harper voters parked millions of votes in disgust of the LPC's bumbling and poor leadership actions) and from the Harper Tories, to the Liberal Party led by Trudeau.

The Cat expects a Liberal victory in Calgary Centre come November 26.

And a further huge victory in the next federal election (some time before 2015).

'Tis time for the Red Tide to come in ...

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