Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kudos to Tabatha Southey on her Serengeti-prism for viewing Obama's success

Republican voters?

Commentators are diving into the gizzards of the election statistics to find out why Mitt Romney was so soundly trounced in a year when all odds (if you exclude the sheer determination of his opponent) were in favour of his becoming president in 2013.

I rather like the prism chosen by Tabatha Southey for looking at the election results – in today's Globe & Mail:

Once, great herds of angry, middle-aged, Christian, white men roamed the electoral plains of America. Now, these plains are thick with Latino voters – 50,000 new Hispanic Americans reach voting age every month.

As well, godless – or at least differently godded – voters gallop majestically there, alongside prancing herds of men who finally said, “Actually, I’m not so much angry as I am gay. I’m thinking about getting married.”

Today, single women roam free on the political Serengeti, making up a quarter of the voting-age population. Flocks of young people without health insurance fly overhead.

But the increasingly emaciated Republican Party remains maladapted to this new environment. Not all that enthusiastic about sex, able to dine on only a single and declining resource, the GOP faithful basically just amble about in this changed ecosystem, like so many political pandas cursed to live in an era of not very much bamboo.

Let's keep an eye on the Serengeti plains ...

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