Friday, November 30, 2012

Robocon: Elections Canada investigating possible voter suppression in one fifth (20%) of all ridings

The robocon net has been spread wide, with incidents in 56 ridings now being investigated:

Elections Canada investigators are tracking complaints of misleading or harassing phone calls in 56 ridings during the 2011 federal election campaign, newly released court documents show.

That's nearly one-fifth of Canada's 308 ridings.

The documents show exactly how widespread the investigation has become since it was first revealed that the election agency was looking into allegations of misleading phone calls in Guelph, Ont. The documents, known as information to obtain a production order, cover phone records for customers of Vidéotron in Quebec and of Shaw in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. A production order for Rogers hasn't yet been publicly released.

Elections Canada investigator John Dickson says in the Shaw production order that he believes the information will help him identify whoever made the calls.

He also says the agency got 99 complaints of misleading or harassing calls before the first media report last February. Once the news broke, the agency got another 1,048 complaints, not including the 252 complaints from Guelph. Some people reported both misleading and harassing calls.

This thing is still in its infancy. It should  be well developed by round about June 2014, when I expect Stephen Harper to call an early election.


  1. Why do you think Harper will call an election then?

  2. You are assuming that none of the complaints came from Conservative leaning voters.
    People got sick of all the calls from all of the party's, so there is your harrassment complaint...too many calls.

    I hate robocalls. I indicate right away who I am voting for, then they leave me alone.

    Elections Canada changed many poll locations, and all party's call those they think are voting for them to gotv, and tell them where their polls are. Sometimes the EC info is wrong.

    It just isn't the sinister situation the Opps and their media are hoping for.

  3. Wilson, I think you are out of touch with the facts in this roboscan - and time will shortly tell what fire lies behind the smoke we now see.

    Brendan, Harper knows he faces defeat at the hands of a minority government led by Justin Trudeau - and he will, I believe, want to manufacture some ballot question incident and go to the polls soon after Trudeau is elected leader of the LPC, before the LPC has chance to organize properly to fight a 338 riding election.


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