Thursday, November 08, 2012

RoboCon: Michael Sona – "This entire, massive scheme"

Michael Sona on CBC
Listen to the Power Panel comments on the Sona interview first – you can find it here.

Then listen to his interview – it is here.

And here is a press article by Lawernce Martin on his interview.

This story is starting to unravel...

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  1. From article Stephen Maher and Glenn McGregor in today's Postmedia report on robocon:

    "The following month, Mathews interviewed John White, a self-described “seasoned IT professional” in Guelph.

    White told Elections Canada that Sona asked for contacts in the party to make an untraceable robocall, but Sona says he was pondering a call attacking Liberal MP Frank Valeriote, not a fraudulent call. Valeriote was recently fined $5,000 by the CRTC for making a similar anonymous robocall attacking Burke.

    Court documents show that an electronic trail links Prescott’s RackNine account to the Poutine call, but Prescott has told friends that the passwords on the account were in his computer’s cache, so anyone with access to his laptop in the campaign office could have set up the calls.

    Elections Canada has been investigating the Guelph calls for more than 18 months. This week, the agency released a discussion paper that addressed the investigative challenges it faces trying to overcome the efforts Poutine took to hide his electronic tracks. Sources say investigators are still working on the case.


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