Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Obama Second Term

Tomorrow the Americans vote for their next president. I expect President Obama to be re-elected, and have a few thoughts about the shape of his second term.

President Obama
It will be a memorable one.

It will be a leap forward out of the deadlocked past four years.

One thing we will see is the Obama veto  being used on a regular basis. Any attempts to renew the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy will be vetoed. Any attempts to gut "Obamacare" will likewise be vetoed. Any attempts to change the regulations which have tightened requirements for improvements in car engines and other climate changes, will be vetoed.

We will see a renewed push to fight climate change, with Obama once more sidestepping the attempts by the Republican controlled House of Representatives to prevent any stiffer changes, by using the regulatory power that he has under existing legislation to ratchet up the steps needed to  reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There will be an agreement reached with the Republicans on reforming immigration laws, so that millions of illegal immigrants are given the chance to live a life in the US as legal residents.

There will be steps taken to reduce the deficit and pay down the debt, but without destroying  social programs.

Obama will take on the House when it tries to force him to capitulate by denying the raising of the ceiling for debt, and he will win.

There will be an accord reached with Iran to curtail the production of 20% refined uranium; if Iran does not agree, the US will bomb its nuclear production facilities early in 2013.

There will be continued efforts to improve the quality of education in the US, and to help students pay for post-school education.

America will be put firmly on the path towards the creation of hundreds of thousands of green jobs, despite resistance by the Republicans.

None of these steps will happen without the usual lamentations from the right of the end of civilization as we know it; but happen they will.

Come Wednesday, we will be able to look forward to a re-energized President Obama leading the world in many areas of concern.

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