Monday, November 05, 2012

'Tis the midnight hour, and here are the very first results of the presidential election

And the first results of the 2012 presidential election come from the little town of Dixville Notch:

As all of you West Wing fans out there will know, a tiny town in northern New Hampshire, Dixville Notch, votes at midnight on voting day in both the primaries and general election.

The town's ~25-odd registered voters all gather to cast their ballots at midnight, and the polls are closed one minute later. Then the votes are counted.

It's 4:30pm on the East Coast now, which means that the Dixville Notch votes will be cast and tallied in less than 8 hours from now.

Why does this matter?

Well, on the West Wing episode that made Dixville famous, it mattered because Dixville was said to have picked every President in the last multi-umpteen elections, or something like that.

According to Wikipedia, the town's record is not quite as pristine as West Wing might have had us believe. But it's still not bad. At least recently.

Since 1960, Dixville voters have picked 7 of 13 winners, including the last three.

All ten voters in Dixville Notch have just voted and the results are a first for that tiny town – a tie! Five have just voted for Obama and five voted for Romney.

There you have it.

A squeaker.

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