Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Egypt: Civil war starting?

Egypt on the brink
Check Aljazeera if you want to find out what is happening in the streets of Cairo right now. 
CNN and MSNBC are asleep at the switch yet again.

Mobs are moving through the streets, with violent clashes breaking out. Morsi mobs have torn down tents of the opposition and forced them to flee. Opposition mobs laid siege to the Presidential Palace but were then drive off by rock throwing Morsi mobs.

Many have been wounded; one opposition protestor had an ear cut off. Aljazeera showed a mob moving through the dark streets with a man holding a revolver in the air.

The opposition has finally coalesced to oppose the Morsi power grab. They have fallen into line behind one leader.

The opposition has said the Morsi decrees have to be withdrawn, the referendum for December 15 postponed, and a new constitutional body formed to draft a new constitution.
Statements have been made of the opposition "resorting to all possible means" to restore "our democracy".

Most significantly, the Army has withdrawn from the streets, refusing to take sides right now.

If blood flows, it will onlybe a question of time before the Army moves in to restore peace.

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