Sunday, December 02, 2012

Joyce Murray is right: Our electoral system is broken and needs fixing

Joyce Murray: Targeting our democratic deficit

Andrew Coyne has supported Murray's idea of removing the Harper Tories from power and reforming the electoral system.

This is a brief report of what Joyce Murray said, by Joan Bryden:

But her proposal for co-operation with other parties is bound to be the most controversial.
Murray sees the idea as a way to get rid of the Tories and start serious reform of the first-past-the-post electoral system to ensure future elections more accurately reflect each party's popular vote.

The current system is not only unrepresentative, she said it "rewards demonizing other parties, it rewards dirty tricks in elections, it rewards toxic, polarized, divisive behaviour in Parliament and it's turning Canadians off.

"If our electoral system is broken, we need to have a conversation about what's more suitable for Canada. But clearly, we are never going to have that conversation with Stephen Harper in the driver's seat."

To make sure Harper is ejected, she said progressive voters need to be able to unite behind a single candidate in some ridings.
Andrew Coyne

Murray wouldn't impose the idea of co-operation; she'd ask Liberals to endorse it at their next convention, then leave it to local riding associations to decide whether to use it or not. It would be a one-time tactic only for the 2015 election.

She stressed she is not proposing a merger with the NDP or any other party.

Murray and Werner are perhaps the only two Liberal leadership candidates to date who have dared say the unsayable: The emperor has no clothes.

And our country could do with a huge dose of realism come 2015, rather than the power-hungry individualists who seem to be leading parties (the CPC and NDP) or seeking to lead the LPC.

Let's hope that tens of thousands of progressive Canadians take this opportunity to join the Liberal Party as a non-member Supporter, and vote for a candidate standing for electoral reform and the remedying of our democratic deficits.

There is no reason why Canada should have a third-rate system of electing our federal government, when there are remarkable examples of good systems that value individual votes that we can use as models.

There was a time when Canada stood in the forefront of democratic traditions – the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is an example of that – but that time has long since passed, with the sleazy Conservative behaviour in Parliament and the fearful opposition MPs who dare not admit the truth: our democracy is unworthy of Canadians.

I believe that we shall very soon have some good polling results by the fleeter polling companies, who will put the Murray cooperation followed by reform idea to Canadians. My guess is overwhelming support for the Coyne-Murray concept on the part of supporters of the NDP, Greens and Liberals, and around a third from the Conservatives.

And then we will see if the Liberal leadership candidates will actually address a concern of the voters, rather than simply choose subjects they want to talk about.

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  1. Good article --Murray has my support.


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