Sunday, December 02, 2012

Robocon: A Puzzle


Consider these two statements by Allan Matthews, an Investigator in the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections:

And this one:

What does the second one mean?

Must all participants in a single web session be aware of the other participants?

And who was signing in as Caller #45?


  1. I think the single web session thing is that the Rack9 server left a cookie in the computer in Guelph Prescott used, which remained after he logged out. Then when #93/Pierre Poutine logged in minutes after that, the Rack9 server read & logged that same cookie it had deposited a few minutes earlier: meaning it was from the same machine, & presumably all within the same, uninterrupted internet connection (i.e., the same session: the computer wasn't dis- then re-connected to the ISP (the web provider like Rogers) in-between.

  2. Thanks. Sounds feasible. And if so, it's not new information, then.

    So we are back to the layout of the office, the lines of sight from the computer in question, and who was there during those few minutes.

    And the &64,000 question: Did User #45 actually SEE User $93 (the famous Pierre Poutine) during those few minutes on that momentous night?

    And if not, why not?


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