Sunday, January 27, 2013

Justin Trudeau, read Andrew Coyne if you are a bold, serious leader

Andrew Coyne
The debate is gathering steam, and Andrew Coyne has posed several questions which every candidate for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada (and particularly Justin Trudeau, whose father modernized the Canadian democracy almost beyond compare with his priceless gift of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms):

Fundamentally, it comes down to this: are the opposition parties serious? Do they really want to beat the Conservatives, or just talk about it? Are they serious about electoral reform, or is it, too, just a talking point? And assuming they mean either, do they realize how crucially each depends on the other? Let me put it plainly: They aren’t going to beat the Conservatives until they change the electoral system. They aren’t going to change the electoral system until they beat the Conservatives. And they aren’t going to do either until they find some way to cooperate.
Justin Trudeau: Serious?
Let's see how the candidates answer these questions before, at and after the next series of public candidate debates.

Any Canadian who is not a member of any other party but agrees with Coyne's realistic assessment of the situation, should immediately join the LPC as a non-member Supporter, and vote for the next leader. 

Remember: every one of the 308 ridings has an equal weight in that selection (100 votes per riding), so a handful of new progressive Supporters joining in the 90 or so ridings where we don't have any party association, would have a disproportionate impact on the future of electoral reform in Canada. Leadnow, are you listening??

My guess is that 20 or so new Supporters who are also serious about electoral reform in Canada, in each one of those 90 wasteland ridings, could determine the outcome of the leadership selection.

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