Saturday, January 19, 2013

Missing info in Angus-Reid poll about "cooperation" of LPC and NDP

Thanks to Angus-Reid for their latest poll, but there is a critical piece of information concerning pre-election electoral cooperation and post-election electoral cooperation which the firm does not reveal, but which could meaningfully influence people's take on the poll results.

This is the Angus-Reid summary of the results on the electoral cooperation issue:

Note that Angus-Reid does not break out the support for formal coalition post election, or pre-election ceasefire ala Nathan Cullen or Joyce Murray along party lines.

Let's hope the next poll shows the breakdown along party supporter lines.

Clearly Tory supporters will not want pre-election or post-election cooperation, but what do the supporters of the NDP, LPC and Green parties want?

My guess is far more are in favour of pre-election ceasefire and post-election coalition or cooperation.

Be nice if the next poll gave the various variations of cooperation possible, as well; results need to be interpreted based on the questions asked.

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