Sunday, February 24, 2013

We are 7 days from choosing the next Liberal Party leader

So, will there be electoral reform?
The cutoff date to register as a member or supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada in order to choose the next leader is March 3.

Those registered by that date have to register to vote in the contest by March 14, with the next leader officially revealed in April.

However, by March 4, the total number of registered members and supporters will be known to all of us, and each of the candidate camps will know how many supporters they managed to sign up via their websites in each of the 308 ridings.

As each of these 308 ridings has a total vote of 100 each for the convention, split among the supporter percentages in each riding, we should know from rumours etc. just how many votes each candidate has  in the bag.

So wait for the news; it's coming fast!

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