Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Harper's Permanent Majority through Redistribution & FPTP

A Confederation denied legitimacy
Here is a startling analysis of the impact of the recent redistribution, the probability of a permanent Conservative majority in the House because of our archaic First Past the Post system.

A must read for everyone interested in politics in Canada.

Please pass on this post to those you know, and tweet it to your own connections. We need an urgent discussion about a better system of electing our MPs or we face a permanent Harper government.

Hat tip to PatriciaXXXX for raising this on the Liberal site!

REALITY CHECK: Here is how the last two federal elections would have worked out with the new redistribution of seats.

In 2011, the Conservatives would have picked up 23 more seats (not like they needed them, since they already have 100% of the power), for a total of 189. In 2008, they would have won a majority government, not a minority. The Harper Conservatives have now re-distributed themselves into a PERPETUAL MAJORITY GOVERNMENT. Mulcair? Trudeau? 

What’s your plan?

Proportional representation is the only thing that will defeat gerrymandering and robocalls.

These facts certainly put the whole issue of electoral reform to make very vote count, into perspective. It is NOT just a question of having a better "tone" in Parliament. It is a question about having the votes of Canadians given value.

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