Tuesday, March 05, 2013

If Justin Trudeau really wanted to engage Canadians, he would do this

Trudeau: Ideology over science
Hat tip to Impolitical for this remarkable summary of why Trudeau has decided, in is wisdom, to ignore the wishes of the majority of Canadians for a more democratic electoral system. Read the whole article for the exchange between Trudeau and Murray on proportional representation.

Here's a summary of how the science actually is the opposite of Trudeau's personal ideology:

“That’s not just theory,” adds Wayne Smith, FVC Executive director. “Most developed countries have used proportional voting systems for most of the last century, so we can see how they work in the real world. Consensus democracies tend to have higher levels of voter satisfaction and higher voter turnout. They elect more women and minorities, have better social programs, and are at least as well run as we are in terms of inflation and unemployment.”

If Trudeau really wants to improve Canada, engage more people in politics, and introduce a newer type of politics in Canada, he should be examining the scientific facts underlining the issue of proportional representation, and not just going with his personal ideology.

We've had enough of ideology trumping science under Stephen Harper.


  1. The Liberal Party examined the mis-named proportional representation electoral system at our last convention and we chose Preferential Ballot. I appreciate Justin Trudeau supporting party policy and not imposing policy from the top.

  2. "he should be examining the scientific facts
    underlining the issue of proportional representation"

    Scientific facts underlying proportional representation? Can you cite one scientific paper, one scientific journal that even discusses proportional representation? And political science isn't a science.

  3. What about engaging with the majority of Canadians who don't want PR (based on past referenda)? I don't want PR. I want stronger local representation and PV. As Joseph said, that is also what Liberals asked for and I agree with their choice.

  4. As I have commented elsewhere, Justin Trudeau is the veneer of political rejuvenation.

  5. Scott Ross, read the blog post and the article referred to in it; reference to the many nations that use proportional representation and it works well in engaging voters, representing people better, etc.

  6. That's not a scientific fact nor are there any scientific facts relating to opinion or preferences regarding electoral systems. I am not criticizing proportional representation, I am criticizing the improper reference to absolute or objective truth.

  7. Contrast Justin's concern about citizens understanding how to vote under proportional systems with the facts referred to by the political scientist (the dozens of countries where citizens actually DO understand the system and like it and more vote under it) - which viewpoint is fact based as opposed to simply opinion or ideologically based?

  8. Clearly Trudeau isn't engaging people

    "Justin Trudeau's campaign claims 150,000 supporters

    10,000 volunteers said to be working for the Papineau MP"


  9. PR does not work so well in many countries but actually creates a mess and many times forces parties to compromise their principals to remain part of some coalition. Why should Canadians settle for this mess?


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