Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Massive Win for Democracy in the Liberal Party of Canada

Democracy is coming
At our last convention our party decided to throw the doors open to Canadians by inviting them to join as non-member Supporters and to vote for our next leader.

The response has been stunning.

Our next leader will be elected by many multiples more people than those paltry few who elected our last two leaders, Dion and Martin, as this article in the National Post points out:

Almost 300,000 members and supporters have signed up to choose the next leader of the federal Liberal party, which could be the highest number the party has ever seen.

Party president Mike Crawley says 294,002 people are eligible to vote.
Most are believed to have taken advantage of the party’s new supporter class to sign up for free, although the party has provided no breakdown.

“It’s an incredible surge for us,” said party spokeswoman Sarah Bain. “Right now, the focus for the party is converting these people to voters for the leadership race.”

By comparison, in 2006, 4,605 members voted on the fourth ballot to narrowly elect St├ęphane Dion. In 2003, 3,453 members voted on the first ballot to elect Paul Martin.

If the same number vote for the leader as the number of NDP members did (about half), this would still mean a massive increase in the number of Canadians who are directly involved in one of the most important exercises in a modern democracy: the election of a political party leader.

This bodes well for the Liberal Party come the next election, and also indicates that there is a groundswell out there for change.

For every person who signed up as a Supporter, I believe there are a 100 more out there just itching to walk into the ballot box in the next election, and vote to change the way our country is being  governed.

Take a bow!

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