Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Supporter registration deadline should be extended

Joyce Murray - contender
With the deadline to register to vote a few days away, and less than a third of the total eligible registered so far, it is imperative that the deadline be extended for a week or two weeks:

With a Thursday deadline looming, less than one third – 89,000 – of the 294,000 new Liberal members and supporters signed up since the leadership race began have registered to cast a ballot. A party official said the Liberals are “on track” to register 100,000 by Thursday.
Justin Trudeau - contender

The failure to convert large numbers of new supporters and members into registered voters, most of whom signed up for free, prompted calls from both Trudeau’s campaign team and the Ontario wing of the party to extend the voter registration deadline and make several other changes to ensure an easier registration process.

The experiment with involving more Canadians in the choice of a party leader is a magnificent vote of confidence by the Liberal Party in the principles of inclusive democracy, and we should do all that we can to ensure that it succeeds.

We achieved a remarkable success in ending up with just under 300,000 registered Supporters and party Members. This is a sign of renewed interest in the Liberal Party and a good thing for Canada.

Once we have registered every Supporter and Member who wishes to be registered, we can hold the vote. The deadlines are self-chosen, and can and should be chosen.
Once we have a new leader, I hope that she or he then works to allow Supporters as well as Members to vote for candidates running for the party to be elected as MPs. The Conservative Party in the UK has had some remarkable success with an open primary system in selecting Tory riding candidates for the election to Parliament.

Our party would receive the same benefits if we extended the primary system to the MP level.


  1. I agree. Apparently some candidates agree and some disagree, one arguing it will only benefit Trudeau. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But if there are supporters trying to register, who qualify to register, but can't, then that is a problem and the deadline should be extended. Not to benefit any of the candidates, but for the supporters themselves. The LPC should not be turning these people off - no matter who they intend to vote for.

  2. Yuck, it's gotten real nasty. Kind of makes one want to call the whole thing off. Who needs a leader, anyway.

    "The disappointing number of supporters who've registered to vote in the Liberal leadership contest has exploded into a nasty dispute between front-runner Justin Trudeau and rival Joyce Murray.

    Murray's camp is crying foul over the Trudeau team's attempt to extend Thursday's deadline for voter registration by one week.

    Jamie Carroll, Murray's campaign chairman, says the Trudeau camp's justification for the extension "doesn't smell right."

  3. I agree. The party's interest trumps the interests of any candidate. It is in our interest to give Supporters as much time as they need to sign up to vote, and to remain as supporters up to and including the next election.

    Even if this means the chances of Joyce Murray being elected are reduced (her supporters, I believe, mostly signed up using email addresses, rather than telephone numbers as most of Trudeau's seem to have done).

    And I find Murray's policy of significant electoral reform very close to my wish for Canada.

  4. Why do I bother.March 12, 2013 8:03 pm

    Personally, I do not think the party should have been spending a lot of money sending mail packages to supporters who have not shelled out any money on a membership. It si pretty expensive, and one of the main points of supporters is that they would be easy to reach through emails. BUT, given that the Party agreed to mail registrations, to neglect to send the mailers out until less than a week before the drop dead date was stupid. It skewers the Trudeau campaign, because they obviously relied on it, so promising to send th email, then sending ot too late.. talk about something not smelling right! Since the money has been spent already on printing, and postage, at least they can wait until everybody receives their mail, and has a day or two to fill in the registration and stick a stamp on it

  5. I'm surprised about the comment of something not smelling right. The few people I know who signed up on Justin's page and didn't give emails said they didn't because it wasn't required and they didn't want to get a lot of emails. They also happen to be early 20's. Don't know if it is an age thing, but they didn't have any contact with Justin's staff, just made their own decision. How could Joyce hold Justin personally responsible for this? Was he supposed to phone them and demand their email when the party said it wasn't necessary? Her campaign thinks it is malice for him not to have required it? Sounds like she is purposely making this a nasty public fight. Not good for her or the party.

  6. Whoops, I see why do i bother means something not smelling right with the party, to set rules and then have them not work. Still puzzled why Joyce's campaign is acting this way. They actually said they thought it was malice on Trudeau's part. You'd think she never planned on working with Trudeau again.


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