Thursday, April 04, 2013

Poll: Massive support for Proportional Representation

Hat tip to BluntObjects for the LeadNow poll of Canadians' views about the need to fix our broken electoral system.

The poll shows massive support by Liberals, Dippers and Greens for some form of proportional representation (the key plan of the Joyce Murray fix-it-now campaign for leadership of the Liberal Party):

Q: Do you support proportional representation?

Even a sizeable number of Tories think the system is broken.

The Liberal Party's pallid preferential vote system is just that: a meaningless sop to serious electoral reform.

Let's hope that our party gets its act together and starts listening – really listening – to Canadians who want an electoral system that makes votes count, reduces cross-country tensions, gives all major voices the chance to be heard in our parliament, and matches the most democractic systems in modern Western democracies.


  1. Who did they poll? Their members? I don't believe this poll is credible.

  2. Why do I bother.April 05, 2013 6:53 am

    Actually, the Poll is credible, it was by Environics, commissioned by Leadnow. The conclusions are not all that clear though.


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