Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Robocon: Guess who Sona will call as witnesses?

Michael Sona: Whom should I call?
Sona, charged with being the man behind the voter suppression robocalls in Guelph in the suspect May 2011 election, has, through his lawyer, repeated that he is not the person who set up the voter suppression calls.

His lawyer has called for a public enquiry into the mess (fat chance on that when our government is headed by a man who seems more intent on avoiding public debate of public matters).

But his lawyer also said Sona now had the chance to state his say in court.

Guess who I expect Sona to subpoena as a witness? Can you think of one? Two, perhaps? Three, even?

Sona says he did not have access to the Conservatives’ CIMS database of voter information during the campaign, and court records filed by Elections Canada show that a CIMS list was used to send out the fraudulent robocall.
Five workers on the campaign did have access: Andrew Prescott, John White, Ken Morgan, Trente Blanchette and Chris Crawford.
White and Crawford have given evidence to investigators. Prescott, Morgan and Blanchette have refused to do so. Prescott now lives in Calgary. Morgan, the campaign manager, has moved to Kuwait.

It's gonna be a long, contentious trial.
Pass the popcorn, and let's hope that the guilty party(ies) are found and punished.

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  1. On his Christian Conservative blog Andrew Prescott reports that since 27 March he has been exiled to the political wilderness: nobody from the CPC is returning his emails. On April 2 he reports that he is "on vacation" and out of cell phone coverage. CPC seems to be cutting him loose.


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