Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prime Minister Harper was roasted like a rotisserie chicken

PM Stephen Harper
Today's question period in the House of Commons finally showed onlookers what real question periods are for. The prime minister was appearing for the first time since the Senator Duffy loan was made by his chief of staff.

And the opposition leaders asked pointed, clear questions.

Mulcair hammered the PM:

The Prime Minister was roasted like a rotisserie chicken over the Senate scandal during Question Period Tuesday.
 Thomas Mulcair did a good job of looking exasperated at Mr. Harper’s vague responses: “We are asking very simple, straightforward questions and the Prime Minister is not answering them. That is the problem. Canadians want answers.”

But the leader of the Opposition doesn’t really want answers — he wants to turn the spit slowly until the Prime Minister’s reputation is well and truly cooked.

As Mr. Mulcair and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau peppered him with questions it is fair to say that Mr. Harper could not have been mistaken for a cloudless day.

Harper resorted to his story lines and harped again and again and again over the same theme: Duffy and Wright cut a deal; I knew nothing about it; I was surprised by it; two 'independent' bodies are examining it; if those bodies ask the Government to provide documents or other evidence, we will.

Until then, forgeddabout it.

Only this time he was not let off the hook.

Mulcair was merciless.

Every time Harper fudged an answer, Mulcair explained to the Speaker of the House that the Prime Minister had not answered the question he had been asked.

After a few minutes of this, Harper started looking like the little boy caught with his  hand in the cookie jar.

And the expression on the faces of his MPs showed that they knew he was being shown up.

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