Saturday, June 29, 2013

In Texas, do male fetuses masturbate?

Apparently, some think so:

And a Texas congressman claimed, incorrectly, that male fetuses of 15 weeks have been observed to masturbate, thus making abortion wrong.

Tabatha Southey sums up the absurd spectacel of Texas legislators – in 2013! – trying desperately to shut down a filibuster by a lone senator:

Late Tuesday night, close to 180,000 people watched online as Democratic Senator Wendy Davis went into the final hours of her nearly 13-hour filibuster in the Texas legislature. Her objective was to block anti-abortion legislation that, if passed, threatened to close 37 of the 42 abortion clinics in America’s second-largest state.

Southey makes a telling point about the outdated approaches of mainstream television broadcasters to fast-moving events. If the event does not give the talking heads stars a chance to be front and centre, it seems that TV has little time for such news:

It would have been gripping television, had it been on television. But none of the major news networks carried the filibuster. Indeed, at the height of the drama, CNN broke the news to the world, complete with a banner specifying that a blueberry muffin contains 350 calories.

The utter unresponsiveness of cable news, contrasted with the coverage provided online – where links to relevant news items were rapidly traded, providing context for and explanation of the live-streamed event – should inspire an emergency summit of television-news providers. They might as well have been rerunning Walking With Dinosaurs, or covering the moon landing – perhaps the number of calories burned during the first moon walk.

And those TV businesses wonder why tens of millions continue to vote with their feet, abandoning them for more responsive communication media.

Mainstream TV would be better suited to lay off, say, a quarter of their top staff – from imported stars to grizzled veterans like Wolf – and replace them with a TRT (Twitter Reponse Team), so that they can keep up with what is trending, and what people really want to hear about.

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  1. I have masturbated since early childhood, one way or another, so why not.


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