Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Egypt: The Revolution succeeds

The hope that  the Arab Spring gave to tens of millions of people throughout the Middle East is being revived in Egypt. The Morsi defiance of the Egyptian army has proved fruitless, with the Army moving to enforce its own program.

In essence, the Revolution that forced out Mubarak has now been reset, and is getting a second chance.

One of the mysteries of the past few weeks has been the discipline shown by the anti-Morsi groups. When Mubarak was toppled, younger Egyptians flooded the streets, forcing a showdown.

And then they splintered, while the more disciplined Muslim Brotherhood stepped in and had one of their own elected as president.

This time round, the anti-Morsi groups have coalesced, adopting the Egyptian flag as their sole symbol, working as one group, with one plan, clearly defined aims (Morsi out, constitution to be amended, elections to be held).

With time, we will learn the details of who did what to unite the anti-Morsi forces, and how they set about it. It will be a gripping tale, with many heroes.
Snapshots of Egypt:


  1. Do you really think anyone has succeeded at anything in Egypt just yet? If the military moves on Morsi, presumably with American encouragement, do you think they'll just pick an opposition group and hand over control? It could just as likely, perhaps more so, turn into a military coup. How else are they to stabilize the country? Isn't the risk of civil war otherwise simply too great?

  2. Yes, MoS, I believe the Army will hand over power once a new constitution is drafted, elections for president and parliament held. I believe the Army learned from its mistakes after the Mubarak ouster: this time they will let the civilians run things during the interim period.
    The risk is instability caused by Morsi followers taking to the streets to protest the Army coup. If Morsi is wise, he will agree to a role in the interim government and the Muslim Brotherhood will contest the new elections.


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