Thursday, July 04, 2013

Rupert Murdoch: And the lawyers just got rich going through millions of e-mails

Rupert Murdoch & Rebekha Brooks
Read this secretly taped recording of a private meeting of Rupert Murdoch and about 25 people on the 10th floor of the newspaper's headquarters in Thomas More Square, on St Katharine's Dock in Wapping, when Murdoch made several startling statements:

Now Mr Murdoch himself appears to regret the level of cooperation. One of the journalists at the meeting appears to question the extent of documents handed over to the police.
 "Because - it was a mistake, I think," he admits. "But, in that atmosphere, at that time, we said, 'Look, we are an open book, we will show you everything.' And the lawyers just got rich going through millions of e-mails."

So has Mr Murdoch, importantly, withdrawn his company's full cooperation with the police? The MSC has not given the police any information for months, he boasts.

"All I can say is, for the last several months, we have told, the MSC has told, and [***** *****], who's a terrific lawyer, has told the police, has said, 'No, no, no - get a court order. Deal with that'."
Thomas More HQ - site of secret meeting

And then there is this incredible statement, according to one source:

In one section of the transcript, Murdoch tells his staff: “payments for news tips from cops: that’s been going on a hundred years, absolutely. You didn’t instigate it.” He said one of the first things he saw when he bought the News of the World tabloid in 1969 was a safe full of money that he was told was for bribes.
 “If these tapes are an accurate account of his staff meeting they show that what Rupert Murdoch has said in private is markedly different to his public testimony to Parliament and Judge Leveson,” Tom Watson, a Labour Party lawmaker who has been a leading critic of Murdoch, said in an e-mail. “In particular, he makes the extraordinary claim that he was aware of payments to police.”

Wait for more revelations, as journalists swarm over the attendees at the secret meeting.

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