Friday, July 05, 2013

Senator Duffy: The Tory Big 5 who knew

The Duffy Deal: Up go the numbers
The latest news from the RCMP is interesting – the number of people in the know about the Wrigh/Duffy agreement regarding his expenses is increasing:

Lawyers for Mr. Wright told the Mounties that while their client kept Mr. Harper in the dark about his personal gift to Mr. Duffy, he did tell a small circle of four, the documents show. This included three people in the Prime Minister’s Office: David van Hemmen, who was Mr. Wright’s executive assistant; Benjamin Perrin, then a PMO legal adviser, and Chris Woodcock, PMO director of issues management, whose job it is to handle hot political files.

The fourth person who knew Mr. Wright was personally repaying Mr. Duffy’s debts was Senator Irving Gerstein, chair of the Conservative Fund Canada.
The Titanic

Let's wait for the next shoe to drop.

Journalists, why not speak to Messrs. Gerstein, van Hemmen, Perrin and Woodstock? What did they know about Duffy's expenses, when did they know it, who did they talk to about it, and what did they know about any agreements?

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