Friday, July 19, 2013

The Duffy Deal: The PMO-Duffy Email and the Mounties

Hot on the trail of the Email
The Mounties are as iconic Canadian as you can find. The Mounties always getting their man is so much part of the Canadian DNA that nobody smiles when the phrase is used. It is bedrock Canada, as authentic as the hard, unyielding Canadian shield.

The Mounties are one of the most trusted institutions we have.

And now the Mounties want to get their hands on the explosive PMO-Duffy Email.

And the Prime Minister's aides are saying they would love to help, but the Mounties just haven't asked for the email.

Aaron Wherry has a comprehensive summary of the many denials from the Conservative Party that any form of written document – including emails – dealing with the Duffy expenses scandal, are in the possession of the Prime Minister, his office or the Party.

When you read these various statements in Wherry's article, keep in mind that CTV has claimed to have a copy of the Wright-Duffy email talking about a scenario what would have Duffy "take responsibility" (that's pretty rich: were not those expenses his in the first place?!) for the $90,000 expenses, that he would be provided funds to pay them etc.
CTV says it was given a copy of The Duffy-Wright-PMO Email by an unnamed informant. When asked by the RCMP for it, to assist in their investigation of possible criminal acts, CTV suggested the RCMP ask the PMO's for it, rather than jeopardize its own informant.

The PMO denied being asked by the RCMP for it.

CTV says the RCMP has asked for it but the PMO has stalled producing it.
Watch this tale of The Duffy-Wright-PMO Email (let's just call it the PMO-Duffy Email for short) carefully. If the CTV summary of its contents is correct, it might contain allegations of possible commission of criminal acts.

The PMO-Duffy Email is a critical piece of information. Attempts by the PMO to not produce it voluntarily to the RCMP are doomed to failure, because a copy does exist, according to CTV. Probably multiple copies exist.

And pretty soon some journalist is going to get a brown envelope with a copy of the PMO-Duffy Email inside it, and will publish it.

Then we will all know what the Prime Minister is not voluntarily handing over to the RCMP in order to assist our national police force in its investigation of a  possible breach of the Criminal Law regarding our Senate's proceedings.

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