Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My new thriller: Terrorists, kidnappings & assorted mayhem

... with an epilogue showing a small terrorist-hunting Dane placing five red roses on a grave while he says: “We got them, Marc. All of them.”

This is what Cupid’s Crescent (now available as softcover print on demand on Amazon at $9.99 and as a Kindle eBook for only 99 cents) is about:

In his office in the City in London, banker Keith Lawton picks up the telephone.

"Listen to your son, banker."
Another voice spoke into the phone, a young voice, trembling a bit.
"Hello, Daddy. This is me, Henry."
Keith Lawton felt a surge of hope. They were still alive ...
"Daddy, you must do what they want. They say they will hurt me if you ..." the voice ended in a gasp and then there was a long scream, rising up and up and the telephone clicked in his hand and he stood, his body rigid with shock, the screams of his little son echoing in his ears.
He had spoken so clearly, without the trace of a lisp.

When Lawton looks at the photograph of his two children, naked in a plywood box, with targets painted on their little bodies, a fierce determination takes root in him: he will do anything to get his children back safely, and then he will hunt down those who did this and kill them.

Three separate kidnappings by a terrorist group plunge banker Keith Lawton and terrorist hunter Ankar Vanske into a whirlwind that takes them to London, Paris, Italy, Germany, Canada and the USA in a desperate race to free Lawton's children and bring the deadly terrorists to justice.

When it is over, Ankar Vanske  visits the grave of one of his fellow-hunters, and lays one red rose on it for every hunter killed.

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