Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Senategate: Senator Duffy’s “written guarantees”

Interesting reading, the transcript of Senator Duffy’s speech in the Senate in which he revealed that he had received a cheque for some legal expenses.

Even more interesting is what the legal work covered, based on the underlined part of his speech:

Wait until Canadians see the email trail in the hands of my lawyers and the RCMP.

Those emails among the PMO, their lawyers, including Ben Perrin, the Conservative Party’s lawyer Arthur Hamilton, and my lawyer, prove this was a set-up from the start. That I am innocent.

The PM knew I wasn’t guilty; Nigel Wright knew I wasn’t guilty; the Senate leadership knew I wasn’t guilty. Just look at the documentary evidence.

Nigel Wright worked the phones, coaxing me to go along with this plan. He even said he’d pay the $90,000.

Not only that; but when I insisted on written guarantees that re-paying money I didn’t owe would NOT be seen by the Senate as a guilty plea. He paid my lawyer’s legal fees!

That’s right, the PMO had the Conservative Party’s lawyer, Arthur Hamilton, pay for my lawyer. They paid $13,560.00.

That’s right, senators, there was not ONE payment on my behalf, but two!

I wonder if the Senator will table those written guarantees with the Senate, and the media? And with the Mounties?

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