Saturday, November 09, 2013

From My Quotes Cupboard: “I have to have a murder!”

The needs of a newspaper editor:

... the body of a Paris magistrate involved in the shady business of keeping Stavisky out of jail was later found mangled on the tracks of the Paris-Dijon railway. Apparently he had been tied to the rails after having been drugged... When three famed detectives of Scotland Yard led by its former chief, Sir Basil Thompson, hired by the mass-circulation evening paper Paris-Soir to investigate the "murder", quickly concluded that it was a suicide, the publisher of the journal, Jean Prouvost, refused to publish their findings. "A suicide means a loss of 200,000 readers," he exclaimed. "I have to have a murder!" To the astonished English detectives he explained that to publish their findings of suicide "would go against public opinion, which believes, or wants to believe, it was crime."

William L. Shirer - The Collapse of the Third Republic: An inquiry into the fall of France in 1940. Pocket Books by Simon & Schuster of Canada Ltd 1971.

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