Friday, November 15, 2013

Robocall scandal: Who is the Second Person?

Robocalls: Mounties on the trail
From today’s press report in The National Post about Michael Sona and statements by others in his Tory office:

Dockstaeder also said Sona told her and a colleague that he paid in cash for a disposable phone and a VISA gift card, then obtained a list of phone numbers of Liberal voters from a friend who owed him a favour, the ITO says.

Sona “then recorded a message impersonating Elections Canada,” Dockstaeder told investigators.

The scheme was part of a “juvenile competition” with the Liberal campaign in Guelph, Dockstaeder said, according to the ITO. “And according to what Mike told us, he understood this was going to be his way of one-upping them or kind of having the last say.”

So, who is the Second Muskateer, if Dockstaeder’s report is true?

The plot thickens.


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